Corruption of Rome Ch. 03

Corruption of Rome


By John Bear Jr.

At the Ministry headquarters, the Minister was scanning her inter-dimensional monitors for any and all indecency. Everything from garden-variety zombie thought-stray to paywall televised murder was within her scope. She held back her fury. Daily, she was bombarded with the unseemly material from all of Earth's present and past, yet she remained stalwart against it. She, and she alone, would purify the world of all indecency.

He asshole tightened with rage when she saw yet another man masturbating to a threesome. Sex should only be performed to procreate within the sanctity of marriage. Though she hated all these lewd acts, she tolerated them because she was determined to undermine them at their source. While she had had some successes in her past, she had yet to identify the true cause of all this indecency.

When her main monitor flashed an alert, she almost disregarded it as a glitch. Yeah, right. ancient Rome, she thought. In her study of the history of decency, ancient Rome had been handily defeated by her ancestors. They hardly put up a fight and caved to Decency proper the moment they heard of it. Nevertheless, she looked on at Cassia's orgasm as her and Marius engaged in extra-marital sex. The Minister tilted her head. Normally, such a relatively tame act would never trigger her system. The fact that this act occurred in what she believed to be an oasis of decency in history paradoxically caused her to become extremely interested in the event. She rewinded the event over and over to identify what might have triggered her system.

She saw an almost boring sex scene. The woman was stunning, she admitted, but the man was lackluster in every way. Yet, the readings on the woman's orgasm were off the charts. She vigorously studied the recording; she followed their paths as much as her system would allow her. Nothing stood out to her. She re-focused on the sex scene itself. The Minister tracked the woman's face and saw that it suddenly went from boredom to bliss, yet the man had hardly changed a thing, his heart rate remained unchanged.

As her minions cleared out, not daring to speculate about the recording throughout the day, the Minister remained, as she usually did, to obsessively study the tape. As she twirled her teabag and glanced for the thousandth time at the couple, she noticed that the man seemed to be looking at something, almost cross-referencing something in the distance. The Minister stared in awe as her tea continued to spin in her cup and the recording continued to play. She set the moment on loop.


"Day 2, looking good," exclaimed Cassia.

"Yep, I'm starting to get the hang of things," he said.

"Sure looks like it!"

"See you at lunch?"

"You bet, I might stop by one of these days for a lesson too," she winked.

"You do have a lot to learn," he joked.

In his office, Marius waited happily for what the day could bring. Yesterday was the most eventful day in his sad, sad life. He thought about the girls he met. He would have them, he thought. When the first knock finally came, he was disappointed to find a mature, serious looking woman.

"Hello Professor, my name is Marianne and I am responsible for the spiritual education of the students. I wanted to share my plans for the year with you, so that you can accommodate them in your plans," she explained. "May I?" She dropped her papyrus on his desk, laid out so that he could read it. It included many ambitious projects to reform the minds and hearts of the young students. Marianne explained that, contrary to what many people think of her efforts, she wants the students here to free their hearts, but she hasn't had the right administrational support to do so. She seemed harmless to Marius, many of her ideas might actually help him accomplish his goals. He told her that he loved her ideas and that he would be happy to discuss them further another time. For now, he assured her that her projects would not be thwarted by him. She sighed with relief.

"Thank heavens, these women were really starting to suffer," she explained. Marius thought that, once she relaxed, Marianne looked somewhat charming.

As she stepped out of the office, she was quickly replaced by Monica.

"Hi professor, I figured out the problem. It was all thanks to you," she said.

"I'm happy to help."

"Let me show you this other problem I found," she said.

As she stepped beside him to lay out her map, she felt the heat from his body. She worried that she shouldn't be so close to him. Marius stood blankly at the map and marvelled at Monica's cleavage. He stabilized himself in the sense of her femininity, enjoying the timbre of her feminine voice. Monica's arm lightly grazed Marius core as she stretched to indicate an area on the map. Marius felt tickled by this sudden touch. Internally, Monica began to blush and questioned whether that was appropriate. She was curious to know why she liked it and felt drawn closer to Marius.

"On second thought, I'll work it out again by myself. I had some ideas while I was explaining it to you," she spit out.

"Sure, no problem."

"Thank you," she blurted out as she hurried away.

That was nice, thought Marius.


A soldier sat apart from the others, staring at nothing in particular. Her wristband activated for the first time.

"Agent ZQ74," it vibrated.

"Speaking," she replied.

"You are being activated."

"Yes, Minister," she said.


Marius saw Cassia at the lunch table and sat with her. Cassia was sitting next to Taylor, the quiet girl he met yesterday, Cassia introduced them anyway. She explained that Taylor was looking forward to her non-military classes, which Cassia seemed to suggest that she would be easy to corrupt. Cassia began talking about her school days, she explained that she had a crush on many of the teachers as well as the students. She complained that when she was a student, she never had the chance to fool around with anyone. Now that she taught exclusively women, she sighed and lied that she hadn't been with a man in too long. Taylor wasn't shocked by this discussion in the slightest. She admitted that she would love to escape the military life for a while. Older women she knew encouraged her to life to the fullest while studying, often with a wink. Make sure to stop and feel the trees, they would say.

In Marius' office, he sat expectantly. He couldn't be happier with himself. For Marius, life was going according to a divine plan and he simply had to relax and enjoy it. At least until he heard the next knock.

"Come in," he called.

"Yes, hello. My name is Nadia, I have come to enroll in this school."

"Oh... I don't think I'm responsible for that... I think you'll have to go... one second... I'm not sure where you should go," he said.

"I see, and who are you?"

"I'm Marius... I'm, hmm what am I?" he wondered aloud.

"You're giving me a great impression of this academy, sir."

"Yes, it seems that way. Anyway, I wish I could help."

Nadia walked off without saying goodbye.

That was bad, thought Marius.

Shortly after, Cassia entered his room. She had seen the whole thing, she said.

"I don't trust her."

"Why not?"

"She seems decent," hissed Cassia.

"She does," replied Marius.

"Let's keep our eyes on her, especially you, chosen one."

"Right, right," Marius laughed.

As the end of the day approached, Marius heard something coming from outside his window. When he went to check he saw Evelyn crouching just below his window.

"Evelyn," he said.

"Oh, professor, I'm so sorry. You see, I thought that woman would be in your office. I know I shouldn't suspect you like this, but I just wanted to catch her... in the act..."

Marius' green friend appeared and attempted to spell out a phrase to Marius.

"Don't... Uhh... worry about... ummm... her," he stammered. After he had finished reading, the apparition turned into a model of his face and tilted slightly, smiling and Marius followed suit.

"You're right, she's totally not a big deal. Still..."

"It sure is nice today," suggested Marius as he rested his chin on the window sill according to the lights guidance.

"Yeah," she sighed. "I love this place, I can't wait until the war is over," she said turning to Marius, her face hardly an inch away. Instead of backing away from him, she studied his face while he stared at the horizon. She didn't notice before, but she found Marius handsome. The way the light hit him, he looked like a young emperor, she thought. She suddenly felt hot and kissed his cheek without thinking.

Marius turned to her, their lips nearly touching and said "that was nice."

"Yeah," she sighed, kissing him on the lips. They lingered on each other's lips for what felt like minutes before Evelyn jumped off and said "Professor, I'm so sorry. I know I shouldn't be doing this."

"It's ok," he replied.

"No, I can't, Taylor would hate me. We always look down on girls who do this. She'd never talk to me again."

"I'm sorry to hear that Evelyn. I didn't mean to put you in a difficult position."

"No, it was... it was all me," she confessed. "I loved it. Maybe another time, ok?"

"Sure, take care Evelyn," he said as she scurried off.

Before Marius went to bed, he prayed. He gave thanks to a divine force that he didn't understand. He had never believed in God, but he felt that there must be a supernatural being looking out for him. He was growing more certain by the day. There's no other explanation, he thought.


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