Twins Fuck on a Hot Summer Day Pt. 03

Just like every other room in the house, the bathroom was hot. An uncomfortable, pressing heat that seeped right to the bone. This summer really had been merciless. There was a lot of space in the room: a closet, a walk in shower, a bath, a toilet, and two sinks - all in a comfortable palette of smooth tan. More importantly, there seemed to be a distinct lack of Noelle. Just as I was about to look for her somewhere else, a cheerful voice piped up from behind the glass of the shower.

"In here, babe!"

I hadn't noticed her through the transparent material. After a few short strides, I opened the door, and there she was, coyly smiling at me in her lovely perfection. Her hands were behind her back and she was leaning against the tiled wall. I gave her a cheeky grin and prepared to say something clever.

"Come here often?"

"Shush and get in, dork."

After I closed the shower door and turned to face her again, she met me not with words, but with her lips. Instantly, my attention was swallowed up. My hands found her body, settling gently on her, though she quickly moved me to her thighs, dipping my touch into her cleft. I coaxed a needy moan out of her, slowly gliding my fingers up through her folds, then circling at her clit. My other hand went behind her and found the shower lever. Maybe accidentally, I pulled the pressure all the way to full.

She shrieked, and I swore loudly, both of us not expecting the water to be so cold. We rebounded away from each other, untangling ourselves and hiding from the stinging spray.

"Jesus fuck!" She exclaimed.

I wanted to apologize, but I laughed instead.

"I'll kill you one day I swear."

There were two valves in the shower, pressure and heat. Tentatively, I tested and increased the temperature of the water, trying to get it just cool enough, though not too warm.

I answered her frown with a cheeky grin and stood under the flow. She gave me little more than a harumph before she joined me, standing against me and embracing me once more. Initially tense, her hold quickly relaxed, tightness melting away in a low sigh.

"That's nice."

I let my chin rest on her forehead, taking the brunt of the flow on my face before it ran down on her. My eyes were closed, though I could feel her every move in my embrace. Cool rivulets flowed on us, soaking our hot skin in a welcome refuge. Everywhere, she was smooth, soft but toned, comfortably small within my embrace. Neatly fit against me. It seemed though, that she didn't share the same desire to remain still.

I could feel her restlessly moving between us, sinking a hand below. A soft grip surrounded my sensitive foreskin, gently pulling. She separated from my body, lifting her chin up. I backed up a bit, so the water wasn't in my face, and I was greeted with warm eyes framed by wet hair. Though, they weren't wholly pointed up at me. The focus was instead on my body, scanning the skin that water so carelessly flowed over. Her hand was outstretched, gently pumping away as she stared. The feeling was a little sore, but as the seconds passed, pleasure numbed my overused cock and I felt myself grow in her fingers. I was about to bring my own hand to touch her, but something changed before I could. Her movements stilled, and she looked nervous, abashed at something. Giving me no time to ask her what was up, she started.

"Do you want to do that... thing we talked about? With my butt? Anal?"

I hesitated momentarily, a little surprised at her question. We'd never gone too far in that direction before, and it was only recently that we'd started discussing it.

"Sure, let's do it!" The brightness in her face rapidly returned, and I could almost feel the excitement jump out in her eyes. Of course, I was very interested, and the shower seemed to be a convenient spot if things got unfortunate.

"I already have the stuff outside the door." She likely meant her box of "toys." It would have been easy to miss against the colors of the bathroom.

"You've experimented a bit right?"

"Yes baby, I tried last night. It was... interesting." Her smile grew, cheeky and suggestive.

"You'll tell me if it hurts?"

"Of course, I trust you so much."

"Good, let's try it out, tell me if you're uncomfortable okay? I love you and want you to be safe."

"Yes baby, I love you too."

After an unrushed spree of kisses to end our briefing, I shut off the shower, ceasing the loud flow, and opened the door. A white container was on top of the tub. It was almost like a fancy shoe box with a hinged lid. Quickly and doing my best not to slip and die, I hopped on and off the floor and brought the box inside. The top opened with a click, exposing within what looked like all my sister's toys. Several dildoes and vibrators, different sizes and shapes filled the private collection. They could come in handy if everything in the next few minutes went well. I grabbed the lube, a black bottle that we'd used before.

"Hands and knees or standing against the wall?" I asked.

"Wall, I think."

She bent over, hands supporting her frame against the pale wall. Her brown hair, darkened by the water, trailed down her back, leading my vision over the thin impression of her spine, past her little dimples, and at the lovely prize of her cheeks, between which both her entrances almost slyly hid. Obviously, my eyes were glued to her ass, keen for a long look.

"You look amazing from here Noelle." With both hands, I spread her cheeks, not sparing her an ounce of privacy. Her back door was pink in the center, surrounded with darker skin that blended quickly into the creamy, untanned skin of her ass. Lower down, the evidence of my previous attention was still noticeable in the form of a florid red flushing her mounds. Her folds almost sparkled with the arousal that was dripping from within, catching the dim light in a way that made staring irresistible.

"Don't get too distracted, naughty man." She answered back. I may have looked for longer than I needed to.

"Yes bee. It might be cold for a second okay?"

She made a small sound of acknowledgement, and I brought my right hand down to the lube, while I kept her butt partially spread with my left hand.

The container had a pump on it, like one you'd find on a hand sanitizer or soap bottle. I held it in an awkward claw, so that I could shoot out some of the liquid with one hand. The transparent, almost pale rope of liquid landed just on the pink, slipping down over the darker patch of skin. It was fairly viscous, keeping its position even with gravity desiring otherwise. Despite my warning, her body tensed noticeably, and I couldn't help but frown.

"Everything's okay love, I'll be very careful."

"I know, the cold just surprised me."

I pumped the product several more times, getting a decent amount of coverage on the inner swells of her cheek. Perhaps I was a little too generous but having the lube right there would mean I wouldn't need to apply more for a while.

Getting my grip into an even more awkward claw, I squirted the lube on my right hand and did my best to get as much on my index finger as I could. It shouldn't have been surprising, but I was taken aback by how slippery the stuff actually was. After getting my finger decently soaked, I did my best to get it even more so. General opinion was to use as much as I could. More is better with lube.

I kneeled on the cool ceramic and found myself almost eye level with my goal. Her hole was almost entirely covered in lube, though some had started to slide downwards. Gently, I brought my wet hand to it, keeping my dry hand pulling her cheek to give myself as much visibility as I could get.

"I'm going to put it in now, okay?"

"I'm ready babe."

True to my word, I brought my pointer finger to her entrance. Gently, before starting any penetration, I massaged the rim, carefully coaxing the muscles into relaxation and making sure there was enough lube. After deeming it satisfactory, I pushed.

The wrinkly lines of her backdoor moved inwards, the inward pressure of my fingertip forcing her body to readapt to the alien intrusion. I heard her exhale, and I could almost feel her relax around me as she did her best to loosen herself to aid my entrance. Even so, I stayed slow, and the tight entrance opened easily, rapidly stretching around the width of my finger. It was warm within, warmer than outside and definitely tighter than her pussy. I used my knuckles as increments, getting further and further with periods of several seconds in between so she could adjust. Before I knew it, my second knuckle had passed within, more and more of my finger disappearing inside until my fist pressed against her cheek, hilting my penetration and stopping me from going any further.

"That feels... different." She sounded contemplative, though she didn't seem totally unreceptive, which was probably a good thing.

Slowly, I ran my finger backwards, repeating the same process in reverse as it easily glided out. That though, seemed to get something more out of her, as she shuddered when only the fingertip lay stuck within. Her entrance puckered up, almost pushing me out, before quickly relaxing again. It was time to go back in, and this time her insides accepted me even more easily. I established a slow rhythm, pushing my finger down to my fist, then stopping at the bump of my lowest knuckle before repeating the motion.

"Does that feel good?"

"Yes, sort of."

"Do you want bigger?"

"Yes." Her response was almost instant.

I stopped, letting my finger slide out completely. Her entrance seemed unchanged, lube still generously coating it and her cheeks. I straightened out my ring and middle finger, settling them just next to her entrance, and pushed. Of course, progress was slower than before. There was much less give this time, and the two fingers exaggerated the constriction of her slippery hole. Her entrance depressed into her body more than it seemed to stretch, though no sounds of pain or notes of discomfort left from above, so I could only assume she was still alright.

In a dramatic motion, her entrance surged back over my fingers, finally accepting their width and allowing them forward. She moaned as it happened, when the warm and silky flesh of her asshole flooded over the lubed up skin of my finger. I continued on, gaining more and more ground as her insides stretched to accept the intrusion. The tight hole widened around my two digits, warping and trying to adapt.

Noelle seemed to be loving this. As the last of my finger slipped inside, she ground backwards, yearning for more. I couldn't give her more length, so instead, I chose to make my penetration more interesting. Bending my fingers slightly, I pressed down on her silky walls, on the side bordering her pussy. As I dragged my finger out, she tittered in ecstasy while my pressure stirred the sensitive tissue.

"That's really good." She breathed out, involuntarily drawing out her vowels. Her face was out of my sight, but I could see her head hanging down in loose bliss.

I kept my movement persistent, gently thrusting my fingers in and out of her while dragging them against her smooth insides. Just in case, I used my other hand to squirt a little more lube. Her moans were frequent, voice gasping and echoing against the hard walls of the bathroom. Where I heard her grow louder, I repeated the same motions and paid attention to the same spots, focusing her pleasure with a few key movements. As the minutes passed, she grew more and more animated, her body flexing and her asshole tightening. I knew she was close, I could feel the energy literally building up within her. She stopped suddenly, and immediately I mirrored, fingers wedged inside her while I waited for her to say something.

"Wait, I want more. I want your cock." Her voice was full of longing, heavy and tinged with a strain of desperation. Even though I knew the answer I'd get I made sure to check.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes baby."

With one last push and grinding exit, I slid my fingers out of her. They were sore, and rather stiff, but my attention was enraptured by her entrance. There was a slight gape to it, red deepness within, and I watched it pucker and pulse as my penetration left her, as lube dripped out of the heavily loosened hole. I looked down, and my cock wasn't hard anymore. Leaving it alone tended to do that. She, however, was one step ahead of me.

"Are you hard?"

"Not completely."

"Come here."

Standing up was a little shaky, it seemed that my knees had taken quite a beating today. I padded to her head, where she was still bent over and supporting herself against the wall. Noelle looked up at me, for the first time in several minutes, hunger and desire beaming from her flushed cheeks and wide eyes. Without another word, she took my cock in hand and slipped it into her mouth, nurturing my sensitive head with greedy lips. The soft pressure climbed up my length, tickling and filling my core with an unearthly delight. Every time she bobbed up and down, her journey was longer, slower as blood filled my shape. When her lips touched the end of my cock, her tongue circled and played with the sensitive part, before sliding down the rest of my length as she took me in deeper.

Before long, she had me at my fullest, throbbing and leaking and desperate for a hole to fill. Any more time at this end of her digestive tract and I'd hardly last long at the other end, which she certainly realized. With a loud pop, she separated from me, a line of drool still connecting us. She annihilated it with a quick twirl of her tongue, licking it away as she instinctively moistened her lips. My proud length was between us, bold red head dripping with saliva, balls tight and close to my groin. In record time I was ready to go.

"Good work team." I said.

"Shut up and get behind me."

I stroked myself as I returned to her rear. The cold lube made me hiss as I squirted it on my cock, though I made sure to cover up as amply as I could. I settled a hand on her cheek and lined myself up with her asshole. Slowly, I brought myself just against her entrance. My red glans contrasted highly with the color of her skin, though both shared the same shining luster. Even just nestled against her entrance, I could feel the constant heat radiating from within, the same one that I'd eased open with my fingers just minutes before.


"Yes love, do it."

"Okay, I'm going in."

Keeping one hand on my dick and another on her cheek, I slowly pushed forward. Her entrance moved along with me, slippery and warm skin depressing inward as my large cockhead remained unable to penetrate. In an explosive, single impulse, my tip finally made its way inside, the hot tightness enveloping it when the pressure on her entrance simply became too much. Her voice hitched, an uncomfortable sound of both pain and pleasure, and I stilled, stopping with just the start of my shaft stuck within her.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes baby, keep going." Her voice was quiet, whispering in a slow response. I trusted her words and waited, letting her adjust to the size, then kept pushing.

Such was our process for the next few minutes, me exploring further and further into her body with my cock, her signaling to stop for a moment, until I'd soon managed to wedge almost three quarters of my length into her asshole. The last few inches were coming quickly, more easily as the unusual intrusion normalized itself inside her, shaping her around my cock. Even barely moving, the feeling was remarkable, a pleasant and oh so incredibly tight constriction around almost every inch of me. I felt so close to her, invading such a private spot, doing something to her that laid her so vulnerable to my strength. Of course, part of me wanted to move, to feel the extent of that tightness shifting around me, but this was about her, and I'd do anything to share my pleasure. It seemed though, that she was enjoying this just as much as I was.

"Oh my god. Oh my god, it's... wait."

"Are you okay?"

"I just feel so full."

My cock throbbed at that, pushing against her harsh grip. That made her giggle. Most of my shaft was already inside, stiff and sticking into her above her bubbly cheeks. The lube practically glowed on her skin, alluringly shining on her toned curves. I stayed still, content to wait as long as she needed me to, the view of my impaling her enough to sate a century of hesitation. But she had other ideas.

"Do you like hearing that sort of thing? About how you're stuffing your sister's asshole with cock?" To her repeated delight, my shaft answered for me, stiffening and pulsing in the heat. She wasn't done though.

"I'm so happy baby, I love it, I love how you're filling me, how you've so carefully stuffed me up and shaped me around your dick." She was never this vocal, this voracious. My grip on her ass tightened, strengthening as our excitement grew with her every word. I needed to keep myself grounded somehow. She noticed, and her cheeks flexed against my fingers, toned muscles in sync with her twitching insides.

"I'm so hot right now, but you've literally only touched my ass." The last word was hissed.

"God, Noelle you're so sexy, I love this too." My own words were tight, voice linked to a mind hardly able to palate how lovely she felt around my dick.

"I love it so much, but I want more!" She pushed against me, hard, shoving the last few inches of my length into the depths of her gut. We slapped together, waist against ass in a wet impact that almost knocked the wind out of me. Her last word became an almost strangled moan, stifled and descending into a deep inhale as she painfully forced her asshole to accept the thicker bottom of my shaft. My balls were resting against her pussy, soaked in folds coated with both lube and her arousal.

She gasped, shuddering with her ass totally filled with my cock. Every one of her desperate inhales, tensing muscles and shaking movements, was answered with a pulsing of my stuck shaft. While it certainly felt amazing, I was concerned that she may have just pulled a muscle, or worse, since it certainly sounded like it.

"Noelle, are you alright?" I fretted, cautious of moving an inch.

"Eric." She turned her head back, eyes ablaze and looking into my own.

"Fuck me, now."

I didn't need to be told twice. Slowly, I pulled out, the tight walls pulling against the invasive fixture of my cockhead. If her asshole was an instrument, her voice was its timbre, a warm resonance that leaked with every movement I made. The tense grinding inside her was akin to sliding a bow against a viola, delicately and smoothly tuning a harmonious ecstasy. I considered that I should probably forget about such a dumb metaphor and focus on fucking her ass.

Getting my head back in the game and my cockhead back out of her ass, I couldn't help but remark on how lovely she felt, on that heat and constriction that filled my cock with sparks down to my core. She pulsed around me, hot flesh so desiring yet so taboo, pushing me to my limit as I did my best to slide myself out of her.

"You're amazing Noelle." My voice was likewise taut, straining against the pleasure. Around a quarter of my length was still inside. "Are you alright?"

She answered not with words, but by slowing pushing back, an unsteady movement that filled her ass with my cock while, in equal proportion, she emptied out her lungs into a low moan of ecstasy. Subconsciously, my grip tightened around her ass and waist, fingers digging into her soft skin while I held on for dear life. I let her take control, standing still as she slowly pushed herself against the wall, towards my body, forcing inch after inch into herself. She stopped every few seconds, giving herself the time to readapt to the shape reopening her tight body, though quickly, she continued on, ever more determined to be tightly filled up.


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